12 oz Bag of Crema Coffee (Multiple Blend Options)

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12 oz Bag of Crema Coffee (Multiple Blend Options)

Tres Banderas

Tasting notes: Orange, Raisin, Dark Chocolate

Tres Banderas ("Three Flags") hails from three different countries: Peru, Brazil and Ethiopia. This Crema Coffee blend balances the sweet chocolatey body of the Aprocassi with the tartness and crisp acidity of the Sertao. The Ethiopian component adds a bit more intrigue with unique – yet subtle – spiciness and floral qualities. The result is a tremendously well balanced blend with hints of ripe fruits while maintaining the fuller body you may be craving. Crema roasts this blend a little differently, developing the sweet sugars that produce a balanced, full bodied coffee that can be served either as espresso or filter coffee.


Tasting notes: Dried Berries, Milk Chocolate, Honey

Crema Coffee’s Sertão is full of flavor and life. Fazenda Sertão was formed by first generation coffee farmers in Brazil and has been family owned and operated ever since. José Isidro Pereira was raised by his mother on the farm. After her death, he inherited the farm and ran it with his wife, Nazareth. The coffee produced on their farm is a family collaboration – the couple have four children who continue the legacy of Sertão with their own children. Crops of Yellow Bourbon cherries are planted on the tops of hillsides with steep slopes that protect the plants from frost and lends to harvests of coffee full of rich, dried-berry-like sugars and delicate acidity.

Los Romerillos

Tasting notes: Grape, Toffee, Vanilla

Crema Coffee's Los Romerillos from the Zamora region in Ecuador is refreshingly delicious and full of flavor. Its acidity is reminiscent of juicy red grape with notes of toffee-like sweetness and vanilla.  Pleasantly fruity and sweet, this coffee is balanced by a rich and creamy body that takes it from distinctly special to daily drinkable.

Decaf El Aguacate

Tasting notes: Tropical, Maple Syrup, Cherry

Crema Coffee’s Decaf El Aguacate begins as a delightful crop of green coffee from the Narino region of Colombia. The green coffee is submerged and soaked in a solution of Ethyl Acetate, which is made up of ethanol [alcohol naturally derived from sugar cane] and acetic acid [white vinegar], and is able to adhere to the caffeine molecules in it and extract them from the bean. The green coffee is then washed and shipped to Crema who roasts it into tropical, syrupy sweet glory. The process not only naturally removes a majority of the caffeine from the green coffee, it enhances the sweet fruit qualities already present in the beans.