Shipping & Returns

Delivery & Shipping

Our shipping is done Monday-Wednesday. All orders are shipped UPS Ground Service at a flat rate price (see below). If you require faster delivery, there will be an additional charge. Products are shipped within 3-5 business days of ordering. We use high quality packing material to ensure your product will be as fresh as possible. We recommend your product be shipped to a destination where delivery can be received by a person. We make every effort to have your order arrive as if you picked it up from our factory. Colts will not be responsible for items damaged because they were left unattended. If particular days are not good for you or you would like it to arrive on a certain day, please let us know in the delivery instructions when you checkout.

A $15 fee will be assessed to each rerouted package. Incorrect address information may delay the receipt of your package.

Colts Chocolates reserves the right to delay orders as it relates to warm temperatures that may cause the product to melt during shipping.

We only ship within the United States and Canada. However, if you would like to order from overseas, we will take orders that will be shipped within the United States and Canada.

Candy Value                                                                                Flat Rate

Up to $25                                                                                      $8.95

$25.01 - $35                                                                                   $11.95

$35.01 - $55                                                                                   $14.95

$55.01 - $65                                                                                   $17.95

$65.01 - $85                                                                                   $20.95

$85.01 - $95                                                                                   $23.95

$95.01 - $105                                                                                 $26.95

$105.01 - $110                                                                               $29.95

$110.01 - $120                                                                               $32.95

Over $120                          For each $15 over $120, add $3 to last rate listed


Our chocolates are perishable and made fresh daily. Because of this, refunds are not made, so please select with care.