The Good News Is…

Jun 25th 2015

The good news is...… Nashville will be cooling down next week! And that means we can resume shipping! There are times during the summer that we have to suspend shipping to our chocolate loving customers.

Here’s why: if it’s 92 degrees outside, it’s 120 degrees in the UPS truck! Yes…you would end up with chocolate soup. We don’t make or sell chocolate soup. So thank you for your patience. We will ship your order as soon as it’s safe to do so.

So go ahead and place your order because we are open for business and will start shipping again Monday and Tuesday! Nashville will be a cool 85 degrees. We use dry ice and blue ice together to insure your chocolate arrives in good shape.

Sometimes we will decide not to send your order if your part of the country is not cool enough: ( However, if you live 4 or 5 shipping days away and have not paid for expedited shipping, Colts Chocolates foots the bill:) Yes, you read that right. We send your order 3 day select and never charge you the extra! Now that’s a good neighbor and that’s the good news!